Mission Statement


How we , the Augustinians of John's Lane Church, feel about our patrons and visitors...

OUR PATRONS  are NOT an interruption of our work -- they are the purpose of it.

WE  are not doing them a favour by serving them -- they are doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve them.

OUR PATRONS  are not dependent on us -- we are dependent on them.

OUR  PATRONS  are the most important people in our church .


The Augustinian Emblem

The emblem or seal of the Augustinian Order represents our Augustinian spirituality.

The flaming heart is the human heart.  It symbolizes Augustine's love of God and his fellow brothers and sisters.  The Augustinian heart is passionately alive, with the desire to know God and experience divine love in our lives.

The open book represents the Sacred Scriptures and  St. Augustine's own conversion to Christianity. It symbolizes the Word of God, source of light and truth, and the quest for wisdom.

The arrow which pierces the heart represents the Spirit of God piercing our hearts, calling us to continued growth in faith, hope and love.  This is the basis of that great restlessness, so typical of St. Augustine, which led him to seek God in all things and above all things.