Johns Lane Shrines

Our Mother of Good Counsel


 Of the three main shrines in John's Lane Church the most popular is the Shrine dedicated to our Mother of Good Counsel.   Sited to the east of the high altar- is the longest established having been erected in 1898.
In 1884 Monsignor Dillon arrived in John's Lane from Rome and urged the community to adopt devotion to Our Lady of Good Counsel. The devotion in its present form goes back to the original shrine at Genezzano in Italy in the fifteenth century. The good Monsignor found the sub-prior (Fr. James Nowlan) to be very sympathetic and eager to undertake the devotion. However, the rest of the community were not so keen as they were already honouring Our Lady under two titles;  Mother of Consolation and Our Lady of Grace. Eventually, at the second time of asking, they agreed to Monsignor Dillon's proposal and a copy of the picture, painted by Troija, arrived from Rome and was placed in a temporary shrine in 1884.  This was before the church was fully completed.

This temporary shrine stood where the Sacred Heart Altar is today, that is, to the left of the high altar... on the opposite side to the present Shrine. The screen and frame for the picture cost £ 32 and was made by McLoughlin and Sons of Great Brunswick Street.  The shrine itself cost £ 2,575 with the altar being the work of Edmund Sharpe and the stained glass windows and decorative work by John Earley.

The Devotion soon became very popular with Dublin people and 'special custodians' called Knights of the Shrine were appointed in 1885 to look after the Shrine. In May 1900 Archbishop Walsh gave his sanction for the establishing of a confraternity of Knights of the Shrine. Whenever novenas or special devotions were held and crowds flocked to honour Our Lady, the Knights were always on hand as ushers and stewards. They have a special set of rules and recite the Little Office of Our Lady daily. The Shrine today is a quite corner of John's Lane church where young and old come at all times to pray their requests, look for advice and pour out their troubles to Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Shrine of Saint Rita


 This Shrine was erected in 1936 and dedicated to St.Rita of Cascia, near Umbria,in Italy. Devotion to St.Rita is very popular in Italy and celebrates the memory of a truly remarkable woman. Born in 1381 an only child, Rita's early adult life was characterised by her wish to join the convent, her parents however had other ideas and she was given in marriage to a young man of the locality.  They were happy for some time and had two lovely sons whom she dearly loved. Then her husband grew indifferent and stopped practicing his religion altogether and was cruel to  Rita. Gradually she won him back and he returned to religious practice. Sadly the happiness did not last and one day the terrible news came that he had been murdered and thrown off some high rocks.

The worst was yet to come! For her two sons were planning on avenging the death of their father, but God intervened and both of them fell ill and died.  Rita was now in her thirty-fifth year.  Less than a year went by when Rita was received into the community of Augustinian Nuns at Cascia. Her name was entered in the Convent Register: 'Margarita Mancini Fernando, Widow.' She was at long last happy in her true vocation.   For forty years she lived a hidden life of prayer, obedience, penance, unfailing charity and most helpful service to the community. Her companions in community came to regard her as a saint and in fact, before her death and after, miracles were granted in testimony of her holiness and power of intercession. MargaRita Mancini (Fernando) died on May 22nd 1457.The Shrine in her memory in John's Lane church is very popular and is enhanced by some nice mosaics and topped off by a lovely window from the Harry Clarke Studios.

Shrine of the Sacred Heart


 This shrine was erected in 1901 and dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It has some fine mosaics in tile and glass with really good detail and offers an opportunity for good photographs.

The shrine has many devotees especially on the first Friday of every month.

Prayer to the Most Sacred Heart

O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Me

O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Me

O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Me

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