Who we are...

The Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine (Augustinians) is a religious order of brothers (many of whom are ordained priests) within the Catholic Church. 

The Order was founded in 1256 under the Rule of Saint Augustine.

The Order is one of the mendicant religious orders that originated in 13th century Europe to minister to the people of emerging urban centres. In the centuries the Order quickly spread to many parts of the world. 

Today there are over 2,700 male Augustinian friars serving in around 40 countries on the various continents. 

The Augustinian Contemplative Nuns united to the Order, and the numerous groups of Augustinian Sisters are affiliated to the Augustinian friars.

There are a variety of ministries in which Augustinians are involved. What unites Augustinians is the living of religious life under the Rule of St Augustine with its emphasis on community life, prayer and service motivated by love.

There are also Augustinian Nuns (enclosed in a fruitful life of prayer in their monastery) and Augustinian Sisters (actively engaged in teaching, nursing and the whole range of apostolic ministries). 

These numerous congregations are bound to the Order of friars to a greater or lesser extent in accordance with their respective constitutions that were devised within different cultures in different centuries. In total, the female Augustinian religious far outnumber the Augustinian friars.

The friar who is entrusted with the leadership of the Order is the Prior General who resides in Rome. The current Prior General elected at the General Chapter of August-September 2012 is Fr Alejandro Moral Antón O.S.A., from the Province of Spain. He is fifty-eight years of age.

The Augustinian logo unites the heart pierced by the burning arrow (symbol of our deepest selves being absorbed by God's powerful love) with the book (symbol of the intellect searching for Truth).

Some of our Augustinians Friars with Pope Francis.

Some of our Augustinians Friars with Pope Francis.