The Augustinians are religious priests and brothers following in the footsteps of Christ and Saint Augustine since 1244.  We are "Active Contemplatives."  We are Men of Heart.  We serve God and His people in diverse ministries as pastors, educators, and missionaries.   

Some ideas for starters...

An Augustinian? Who, me! If you've clicked onto this page you must be interested - or at the very least, curious. So why not? What is an Augustinian? 

The order is a brotherhood within the Catholic Church, so you need to be a Catholic to join.

Brotherhood? What if I'm a woman? There are Augustinian Sisters - a number spread around the world. As well, many congregations of Sisters follow the Rule of Augustine. Women can also be associated with the Order through our Augustinian lay groups. 

But basically to join the Augustinians you need to be male, a person of faith and looking for your way of living that faith in a religious community.

To become an Augustinian assumes a certain faith commitment. That doesn't mean being overly churchy: it means being a person with a commitment to their faith. As a member of the Order you will be a professed brother. You may wish also to be a priest, but that's another choice to be made and involves study and training.

So I need to be anyone special?

No. We're not looking for superman. However, there are some requirements.


You need to be between 18 and 50, although exceptions can be made according to individual circumstances.


You need to have finished secondary school and be qualified for tertiary studies. The study you take may be theological studies for the priesthood or it may be another form of study that prepares you for a ministry in the Church - teaching, social work, nursing...the field is wide open. The study and training are aimed at equipping you for your work as a member of the Order in parish, education, the caring professions, wherever you can best use your skills and gifts within the Order.

Life Experience

We would encourage you not to come too early in life. A bit of experience of life after school in a work, study or family setting will help you to mature and have a better understanding of yourself, others and the world. Experience like this is invaluable.

Spiritual and Personal Qualities

You must be healthy with a good, healthy appreciation of life. You need to appreciate your own humanity and humanness, living life in reasonably normal ways as a Christian. You need to have a level of maturity as you are looking at a life that is lived in common as a celibate, while taking on some demanding work in your life. You need to be a person of faith, living out that faith in the Catholic community. A sense of humour would be handy.

Learn More

If you would like to find out more about our Way of Life then feel free to talk to any member of the community.

Alternatively, email or telephone our Vocations Director, Fr Colm O'Mahony, OSA;

+353 (0) 868845747